Hate Me

Blue October

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2006-03-23
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:13

Music Video


  • Love the song/video, disappointed clean version

    By Lisa123075
    This is one of my all time favs for song and video but I was disappointed to find that it's the clean version. I prefer it untouched even if there is one F-bomb dropped. In the least tell the customers if it is clean or original version.
  • Winning!

    By erin gilbert
    This music video is not a disappointment. I think the song and the music video have different meanings. The music video is about everything his mom has done for him. In the music video, he thinks about his mom being dead (yeah it's warped. Get over yourselves) . He hears the message and his mom is already dead. He thinks about everything she has done for him, and how much he screwed it all up. As he walks through the house, he sees every significant thing she has done. He wishes she hadn't done this for him, because he doesn't think he can repay him. Every little detail adds to this video and makes it amazing. It's touching in a way most music videos aren't. If I could rate this 8 stars, I would. The first verse is written for an ex, which is why it sounds bitter. The last two verses aren't as bitter, as those are for his mother. Justin was writing the first verse when he heard the message. I see it as him thinking "If everyone would hate me, I wouldn't have to keep disappointing everyone." And thus he wrote the last two for his mother.
  • Best video of all time

    By r0bin z
    Loved the song the first time I heard it and later saw the video. This is the best video of all time and I sincerely mean that. Also I have seen them live and they are amazing. If you have somehow overlooked this band, give them a try.
  • It all started with Hate me, now I cant stop listening to Blue October

    By The 13thConstant
    I love Blue October so much. It all started with Hate me and now I own all their stuff. Right now my favorite songs are Say it and Into the Ocean. I can relate to his pain and I feel bad but without pain and suffering there wouldnt be such great artists. A band to keep your eye on and listen to when you need a pick me up. Blue October is like therapy and much cheaper that a shrink lol. Constant
  • I Agree

    By Norader
    I hate this song and the music video is pointless, srry but its true.
  • Crazy People

    By Jackie Rhea
    How does anyone get the idea this is about his girlfriend? I read at least 20 reviews about how this video is awesome and its about his gf and knowing she's better off without him. Hello, wake up! It's his MOM that the song is about. And the video wasn't that great. It's him walking around with an old answering machine the whole time, looking back on his past.
  • what a great song, and viedo

    By janna is number 1
    i just wanted to tell everyone that this song means to me, alot and its deep and personal. i just wished i heard it sooner. that song made me cry. it makes you think about things. if you want to get personal with your feelings then thats a song for you.
  • Great song, but CLEAN version is Not clean

    By rexolio
    Listening to the song, but the F word was not dubbed over (about 3/4 of the way through the song). Clear as day. "What's F*** mean, Daddy?"
  • powerful

    By Dana F
    Raw emotion delivered with clean uncluttered music and hard to ignore lyrics. Very powerful and insightful. A must see video! Thanks Blue October for opening doors that most people would not even knock on.
  • by far one of the most thought provoking songs I've ever heard

    By raybunchmom7
    This is a song that really makes you think..think and cry...I was not much of a Blue October fan but they won me over with this. As a person who has dealt with mental illness and excused many times over of being the world's worse mom when I know that I am not this song brings up painful images and thoughts. Love this song. Says what I want to but can't!

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